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oszillierender, leiser Säulenventilator mit Stromkabel
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Smart Home Fans: The Perfect Gadget for Hot Days

Even in Central Europe, the high temperatures in summer can become a real burden. Especially people who live in attic flats suffer from the oppressive heat. What helps in this case is a Smart Home fan. This not only ensures a pleasantly cool indoor climate, but also offers some functional benefits. Find out what these are and what else you should know about the topic here.

How do smart fans work?

The only prerequisite for starting up your smart home fan is a functioning Wi-Fi connection. Some modules are battery-operated, others have to be connected to a socket via a cable. With some devices, you can even choose between both options.

For the configuration of the smart fan, you usually need the manufacturer's own app. Simply follow the steps that are displayed during the setup process. Afterwards, you can enjoy all the benefits of your new smart home gadget without any restrictions.

What are the advantages of a smart fan?

The basic benefit of fans is obvious: they provide a pleasant cooling in your four walls. Thanks to the improved indoor climate, you can stay in your home even when the outside temperatures are high in summer without being slowed down by heat-related side effects such as sweating, exhaustion or circulatory problems. Especially if you work from home, you will appreciate a smart fan, because your concentration will improve noticeably due to the cooling breeze. Since most modern fans are very quiet, they can also be operated at night without any problems.

Fans with a smart home connection, however, offer enormous added value compared to conventional devices: they can be easily controlled via a smartphone app - even remotely. For example, you can ensure a cool flat while you are still on your way home from work or shopping. Even if you are lying on the couch at home and want to save yourself a step or two, this remote operation can turn out to be a pleasant advantage. It is particularly practical that some models can even be controlled via voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit. A look at the product description will tell you whether the corresponding compatibility is available.

In addition, smart home fans can be easily integrated into an existing network - provided that the various components were manufactured by the same manufacturer. If you couple your smart fan with a temperature sensor, for example, the former will activate all by itself as soon as a certain temperature is exceeded. Or you link the fan with a window sensor and cause the device to deactivate automatically when the sensor registers an open window. A connection with a motion sensor is also conceivable. In this case, the fan would switch itself on when a person enters the respective room.

Order a Smart Home fan from Berrybase: Top quality at fair prices

You don't want to suffer from extreme heat in the summer months anymore? Then a smart fan is the ideal gadget. Our tip: Order your desired product online at Berrybase! Our range includes high-quality smart home fans that not only have a lot of power, but also score points with a low noise level. We rely on the quality and experience of renowned smart home specialists such as Goobay and Xiaomi. If you have any questions about our products, our competent service staff will be happy to help you.


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