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Weißt du, wie viele schädliche Chemikalien und Mikroorganismen sich in der Luft befinden können? Mit dem Meross MAP100 Luftreiniger kannst du sie effektiv loswerden! Mit seiner 3-stufigen Filterung wird das Gerät zum Beispiel perfekt mit Staub, Haaren und Pollen fertig. Er arbeitet extrem leise und ist perfekt für Räume von bis zu 19m2. Du kannst ihn aus der Ferne steuern - über die App oder per Sprachbefehl. Das Produkt ist u.a. mit Apple HomeKit und Samsung SmartThings kompatibel.
Article no.: MAP100HK
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HEPA-Filter speziell für den Meross 100 Staubsauger. Dank des Aktivkohlefilters fängt der Meross Luftreiniger bis zu 99,97% der Partikel mit einer Größe von 0,3 ?m ein, entfernt Pollen, Gerüche, Rauch, flüchtige organische Verbindungen und andere Schadstoffe. Für noch mehr Komfort kann die Filterpatrone wiederholt verwendet werden, nachdem sie unter fließendem Wasser abgespült wurde. Der Filter sollte alle 3-6 Monate ausgetauscht werden, je nach Umgebung und Häufigkeit der Nutzung. Die spezielle Meross-App schickt dir eine Benachrichtigung, wenn die Lebensdauer des Filters unter 20%, 10% fällt. Die gesamte Bedienung und der Austausch...
Article no.: MHF100
incl. tax plus shipping costs
Available immediately
2 piece
· 2 - 4 working days

Smart Home Air Purifiers: Why it's worth buying them

Air purifiers ensure an optimal indoor climate. No matter whether house dust, animal hair or mites are buzzing around in the room: impurities in the air can cause severe health problems, especially for allergy sufferers. No wonder, then, that more and more people are turning to an air purifier. But not only the 20 million or so allergy sufferers living in Germany benefit from an air purifier. Because the ultra-modern models are also able to reduce bad odours, for example. Unser Tipp lautet: Setze auf einen Smart Home Luftreiniger! Ein solcher ist nämlich deutlich praktischer als eine konventionelle Ausführung. How a smart air purifier works and what the advantages of the digital version are - we'll tell you.

How do smart air purifiers work?

In order to enjoy all the benefits of a smart home air purifier, you need to make sure that it has access to a functioning Wi-Fi network. The respective device can be configured quickly and easily via the manufacturer's own smartphone app. As a rule, professional support is not necessary.

The functional principle of a smart air purifier is quite simple: First, the device draws in the room air from its surroundings, whereupon the air passes through several filter zones. In most models, the process is quite similar. First, there is a coarse filter that removes hair and dust from the air. Then fine dust particles, pollen and other pollutants are filtered. Last but not least, an activated carbon filter sucks unpleasant odours out of the air before it is transported back into the room. The result is a noticeably better indoor climate with perfect air quality.

It is important that you replace the filters regularly to prevent a loss of performance at some point. You will usually find recommendations on the service life of a filter in the product description. You should also note that many air purifiers can only fulfil their function as desired if a certain room size is not exceeded.

What are the advantages of a smart air purifier?

Like a classic air purifier, the smart home variant also has the purpose of effectively removing pollutants from the room air, but apart from that, the digital variant offers some attractive advantages. On the one hand, smart air purifiers can be easily controlled via smartphone app and in many cases even via voice command (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings or similar). This saves you one or two steps in your daily routine and you can even ensure clean air in your home when you are not even at home.

In addition, automated schedules can be configured with the manufacturer's own app. For example, you can set the air purifier to activate itself at a certain time or to switch off automatically. It is also possible to integrate the module into an existing smart home system.

Top: Most modern devices work amazingly quietly and therefore do not disturb you when you are working or sleeping at home. You can find the exact decibel level in the respective product description.

Order Smart Home air purifiers online: At Berrybase you are in the right place

Do you want to optimise the air quality in your four walls quickly and easily? Then you should definitely get yourself a smart air purifier. In our online shop you are sure to find the ideal solution for your Smart Home network. If you have any questions about our high-quality products, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly service team.

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